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5 simple ways YOU can help Seedling grow 🌱

We want all Australians giving to charities they LOVE and need your help!

Seedling provides a simple, yet extremely effective way to help Australians connect with like-minded charities. We know that this service is something that millions of Australians need and want.

Right now we are intentionally small and taking on only a restricted pool of donors. However, we will be taking Seedling to the mass market in the near future. 

Taking on the Australian market will be no small feat and we need plenty of people to help us on our journey. We’d love to get amazing like-minded people like YOU involved in our work. 

If you’d like to lend a hand (or a garden trowel) to help us bloom, here are 5 simple ways you can support us:

1. Spread the word – If a friend, family or workplace is thinking about giving to charity, let them know about us. We also have put together a suggested post and tile you can share.

2. Charity connections – If you know of someone that works for a great charity, let them know that Seedling can help them grow their donor base. More about the support we provide charities is on our Charity info webpage.

3. Accountants and financial advisors – We want the Seedling service to be easily accessible to everyone. We are currently seeking connections with professional advisors that want to assist their clients in giving to charity. Contact Kylie for more exciting info kylie@theseedling.com.au

4. Interested in volunteering or working with us? We are looking for great people to support in the areas of marketing, digital, social media, compliance, charity management, strategy, grant writing and more. If you have big dreams of solving social and environmental problems, and want to join a fast-growing social enterprise, we’d love to talk to you. Apply to volunteer or work with us today.

5. Givers! We want to support anyone who wants to give $50+ per month or one off gift of $5k+ to charity. To use our service, sign up to Seedling today.

    Got an idea for us? We’d love to hear from you! 

    Kylie@theseedling.com.au or give me a buzz on 0400 220 412.


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