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Has giving to charity become a fast fashion?

What NOT to do when choosing a charity to donate to…

It didn’t feel that long ago that we were all throwing money at the bushfires. Then covid hit and we worried about the impact of the virus on the vulnerable. Shortly after that the Black Lives Matter campaign drew our attention to racial inequality and we were all desperate to support reconciliation.

We all care. We really care. But before we have the chance to take action, another cause is ready to take our attention, asking for our help.

Has giving to charity become a fast fashion? Are the causes that concern us dictated more by what’s trendy than by what is true to our own hearts?

Don’t follow the trends

If you are feeling unsatisfied with your donations, ask yourself, why did you pick this charity? Is it because you genuinely care about the cause? Or is it because “everyone was giving to them” or “somebody asked me to”.

It’s easy to get caught up and race down a path of superficial gestures of goodwill, but is this actually what you want your giving to look like? What do you really care about?

Most donors want:

  • genuine connections with causes that are close to your heart
  • long term relationships with those at the coalface
  • to know the real impact of your donation.

This is impossible to achieve when you reactively choose charities; when you are not taking control of your giving decisions.

What should you do instead

The charities you give to can represent you as much as the coffee you drink or the car you drive. You need to choose them because they are making this world into one you want to be part of. You need to take time to hand select them.

Seedling is a new social enterprise that helps you step off the never ending treadmill of “important causes” and finds you high quality charities that align with your values, passions and life experience.

We are a FREE service for donors and charities pay us a competitive one off placement fee for every successful match. There is nothing else like it in Australia.

Experienced philanthropic advisors meet with our Regular Giving Donors and Major Donors to find three charities that they can trust and support with their full heart.

We’d love you to be a part of our community.

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