Our Service

It’s no secret that the ‘key to living is giving.’

Seedling provides one-on-one Charity Matching, where experienced philanthropic advisors learn about your values, passions, life experiences and tailor a giving opportunity specific to you.

There are 3 stages to this service:

    • Stage 1: Charity matching questionnaire – We discover your values and giving goals through an online questionnaire.
    • Stage 2: Data analysis and charity matching – We then undertake a 5-step charity matching and due diligence process to shortlist three charities that align with you.
    • Stage 3: Present the options and confirm the giftWe present the charity options back to you in a reveal session and confirm which charity or charities you would like to support and ‘plant a seed with’.

This unique service is available if you are able to donate just $50 + per month, or if you are able to give a one-off donation of $5,000+. 

Don’t fall at the last myrtle… start your journey now!

Charity Matching and Due Diligence Process

Define giving goals
Explore your values and giving goals via a questionnaire and follow-up interview

Identify aligned charities by applying relevant filters to a database of 57k Australian charities

Risk assessment
Review major risks in each aligned charity and eliminate those charities with red flags

Performance assessment
Review the effectiveness and impact of aligned charities to identify the best

Charity engagement
Engage shortlisted charities to gather up-to-date information and to verify published information

Due diligence – what we review

Admin % and financial reports
How funds are used
Quality of board/directors 
Leadership team
Governance style
Conflicts of interest

Related party transactions
Evaluation & improvement
Child safety (if relevant)

We eliminate these charities:

Demonstrated conflicts of interest
Under investigation by regulators
Likely exposure to litigation
 Unable to pay debts or overcapitalised
Receive far more than they spend
Complicated organisational structure with limited transparency


This premium service is available at no cost to you.

Charities pay Seedling a one-off placement fee for every successful match. This fee is to cover:

  • Assessing each charity for fit
  • Ensuring each charity is high performing and has strong governance
  • Conducting audits and analysis
  • Working with the charity to improve their impact reporting & donor management 
  • Ongoing charity monitoring for the lifetime of your giving 
  • 6-monthly Impact Updates  

And more, which ultimately helps make your gift go further.


Transparent facts
Charities spend on average between 10-15% of their income on fundraising. Seedling fees are better than that. Our fees for a regular gift range between 8-15% and for a Major Gift start at 9% and step down to 1% of the total expected gift amount. We can advise you of this when we finalise your pledge size and if you do not feel comfortable with your charity paying this fee there is an option for you to pay it or even go 50/50 should you prefer.
Our long term vision

As Seedling is in the early stages all of our due diligence and communication is manually processed and bespoke to you. This is a very time intensive process.

Our vision is that within a few years we will be able to streamline these processes dramatically, and as we do we will be continually reducing our fees. This means the charities don’t have to pay as much for this one-off placement fee. 

We are also working hard to uplift the standards across the whole sector so everyone wins!


100% independent

Focus on quality


6-monthly updates

Ongoing oversight

No more awkward conversations

Membership in the Seedling Community

At no cost to you

The Team

Jessica Bowman – Charity Analysis and Matchmaking

Jess Bowman is an experienced analyst with a passion for finding great charities. In 2015, she founded The Good Cause Co., the first website in Australia to provide comprehensive, independent reviews of Australian charities. The Good Cause Co. also provided donor services, advising over $15 million dollars of philanthropic funding.

Jess is a former Director of Social Impact Management Network Australia (SIMNA), was a FYA Young Social Pioneer (2016) and an Australian Government Youth Ambassador for Development (2010). She has a Masters of Science majoring in Environmental Science and Bachelors of Finance majoring in Economics. She has over 10 years experience advising government and multilateral agencies, including the UN and the World Bank. Her expertise centers around identifying the economic, financial, environmental and social impact of large government projects.

She lives on a regenerative farm in regional Queensland, has 3 kids and is motivated to make sure everyone has the opportunity to meaningfully give back to causes they are passionate about.

Kylie Wallace – Relationship Management

Kylie Wallace has 12 years of experience in the not-for-profit and Corporate Social Responsibility space, as a Fundraising and Marketing expert. She is experienced in startup environments, building innovative campaigns with $0 budget and evolving them into successful global movements. A great demonstration of this was her work launching and growing the Polished Man campaign. Kylie has been recognised as one of Australia’s leaders in the space and was awarded as the ‘2019 Mover and Shaker’ by the Fundraising and Philanthropy Magazine.

Kylie lives in Melbourne with her Partner Ed and one fur baby ‘Jute.’ She is passionate about giving everyone the opportunity to feel good by giving back.

LAUNCHING SOON: Corporate and Workplace Giving, get in touch to learn more.