Seedling is here to help you do good, better.

Pure hearts, positive impact & kind souls

“Who to give to and how to most usefully give can be a very frustrating and confusing process in Australia. The intention and the motivation is there, but you become paralysed with choice and the fear of funds being misused.

Seedling helps to understand an individual’s passions and interest areas, tailor matching vetted, trusted charities to support, so you can give with confidence and wholly understand the impact you’re making.”

Zoe Foster Blake

We know generous souls like you want to leave the world a better place and SEEDLING is your way to do just that.

With over 57K charities in Australia the options can feel truly overwhelming.

Seedling is a one-on-one charity matching service provided at no cost to you.

We get to know your values, passions, life experiences, then find high performing charities to support, so you can do good, better.

What makes us special?

We are experts in due diligence.

We specialise in small to medium sized charities.

We make giving
safe and easy.

We provide regular updates on your donation.

There’s no other service like this available in Australia.

So, is this service for you?

This free service is available if you or your business are able to donate a one-off donation of $3,000 or more to charity.

LAUNCHING SOON: Workplace Giving, get in touch to learn more.